SDK Installation


SDK Installation



Steps To Set up Web SDK project

1. Get Your API Key AppKey

2. Set up Backend Server

  • Important! Using the SDK requires configuring a backend server. Read more about the flow and requirements: Server set-up for SDKs. For development purposes, the server can be easily set up on your local machine.

  • Once the server runs successfully, make sure to add the host URL as App Server URL on the Dapi Dashboard

Now the SDK will automatically know where to send its requests!


3. Add Project Bundle ID to Dashboard

  1. Open your app in the Dashboard.
  2. Select your Application → Go to App Settings
  3. Click on the Bundle IDs + icon, paste the Bundle ID value, and click Submit

You can create a bundleID in the following format: <host>.<>. For example


Include the SDK in your project

Simply add the following script to your root HTML file.

<script src=""></script>