Introduction to Dapi


Dapi is the bridge between your application and your users’ bank accounts. Our unified open banking API allows you to retrieve data on users’ financial information and initiate payments with a quick single integration.

Client Application - Dapi - Client Bank

Client Application - Dapi - Client Bank

Working with Dapi enables you to:

  • Focus on providing a seamless in-app user experience with any bank-related activity
  • Reduce the cost and time associated with integrating financial services into your product


Data API

Access data from your users’ bank accounts. Financial data may include users' accounts, balances, transaction histories and identity-related information.

Payment API

Initiate account-to-account payments and manage beneficiaries directly in the users’ bank accounts.

Wire API (United States only)

Initiate account-to-account wire payments and manage wire beneficiaries directly in the users’ bank accounts.

Financial Institution Coverage

Dapi's APIs support connections to both Personal and Business banks in multiple regions.

Our bank coverage is constantly increasing. Contact [email protected] for the latest information regarding specific coverages.