Ways of using Dapi APIs

There are multiple options for moving forward with exploring Dapi's APIs.


Not a developer?

You can also explore Dapi's APIs without integration. Follow the instructions for our Postman Collection. Be aware that setting up the Connect Layer will still be required!

Integration methods

  • SDK integration refers to leveraging one of Dapi's SDKs (iOS, Android, Web, Flutter, React Native or Xamarin). The easiest way to integrate with Dapi and start retrieving user data or accepting payments.

  • API integration refers to integration using one of Dapi's backend libraries (NodeJS, Go, Python, Java, C#, PHP) or vanilla Dapi API

FeatureSDK integration*API integration*
Less development overhead:white-check-mark::x:
Automatic handling of MFAs (OTP, Captcha, Token, Secret Quesiton):white-check-mark::x:
Different MFAs need to be handled.
Automatic request queuing:white-check-mark::x:
You need to ensure that for one bank connection no parallel requests are sent to Dapi.
Customizable pre-built UI elements:white-check-mark::x:
Will be custom-built fully by you.
Automatic local connection caching (on the device or browser):white-check-mark::x:
Automatic authentication permanent accessToken retrieval:white-check-mark::x:
Exchange Token needs to be implemented
Bank Connection widget (Connect Layer):white-check-mark:
Already embedded in the SDK
Connect Layer needs to be configured
Supported platformsiOS SDK

Android SDK


React Native SDK

Xamarin SDK

Flutter SDK
API Reference

NodeJS Library

Java Library

Python Library

Go Library

C# Library

PHP Library