Getting your API keys

Creating an account on Dapi Dashboard

To start with the Dapi API, create an account on our Dashboard.

  1. Open Dashboard and click Create an account

Dashboard Login Screen

  1. Enter your details, including your full name, company name, email address, and a password for your account. Your full name and company name will only be used to identify you within the Dashboard, as you will be able to make multiple applications and select a separate name for each of them.

Signup Screen

  1. Verify your account by following the link sent to your email.

Email Verification Screen

  1. View the Dashboard home screen. This is the home for all of your interactions with Dapi.

Dapi's Dashboard Screen

Getting API keys

  1. Select a name for your application. You will not be able to change this name later.

Application Name Creation

  1. Select the countries that your application will be using Dapi for

Country Selection Screen

  1. Select the Dapi product that you will use (Data and/or Payment)

Product Selection Screen

  1. Select the type of accounts that your end-users will have (retail or business)

Type of Account Selection Screen

  1. Download the App Secret, which will be saved on your computer as a txt file.



Please note that the appSecret can only be accessed and saved during this time until you refresh the page. Losing your appSecret means losing your application!


App Secret Download

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