An entity that integrates Dapi into their application.


A set of credentials in a financial institution paired with Dapi.


An individual using your application.


An identifier for a bank account the user has.
Each user can have multiple bank accounts. For instance, username_johndoe has a checking account and savings account with HSBC.


A unique code given to the user when a user successfully logs in to Connect through your application. Valid only for 30 minutes after a successful login.


A unique token linked to one user. This token is valid indefinitely.

Your application must request Exchange Token to exchange a user’s accessCode for a user associated accessToken.
This token is used to run all Dapi operations against a user including data retrieval and payment initiation. It remains valid indefinitely.


An ID for a user’s successful login to Connect. It is returned once a user account is linked on Connect.


An encrypted version of the userKey. It is returned once a user account is linked on Connect. It should be stored on the user’s device or browser after login.


A unique identifier for each user of your application. It is returned once a user account is linked to Connect.


A unique identifier for each of your applications.


A private token that is generated and available to view only upon the creation of your application. It is stored with you and linked to all the users of your application. You must store this safely; losing the appSecret would result in permanently losing access to your application.

It must never be put on the client-side of any application!


A unique ID generated by Dapi to identify a new operation. Can be used to reference the response for any past request as well as track the operations status.