Server set-up for SDKs

The following document will walk you through 2 different options for the server set-up required to use any of Dapi SDKs.


Server-based set-up is the most secure way of setting up interactions between your users and Dapi. This flow is highly recommended for any client using the Payment API.


SDK Server Based Flow

NodeJS Backend Server
Java Backend Server
Go Backend Server
PHP Backend Server
Python Backend Server
C# Backend Server


Serverless set-up requires less development work, but cannot ensure the same level of security as the server-based set-up does. This flow is not recommended for any client using the Payment API, but it can be utilized by Data API clients or for building a POC/MVP of a product.

It is possible at any given moment to switch from Serverless to Server-based flow and vice versa.


SDK Serverless Flow


Security✅ More secure⚠️ Less secure
Using Payment API?❌ Not recommended
(✅ if using Beneficiaries set on the Dashboard)
Using Data API?
Building a POC/MVP?✅ Less development overhead
What if I change my mind?Possible to switch to Serverless at any momentPossible to switch to Server-based at any moment