Payment API (MENA only)

The Payment API endpoints provide all the functionality required for you to perform financial operations on your user's behalf.

The Payment APIs are:

  • Dapi AutoFlow - The easiest and most efficient way to facilitate payments.
  • [Not required when using Autoflow] Get beneficiaries - Retrieve beneficiaries from the bank account.
  • [Not required when using Autoflow] Create Beneficiary - Create a beneficiary for a bank account.
  • [Not required when using Autoflow] Create Transfer - Initiate a transfer (to an existing beneficiary only).


Beneficiaries are the receivers of the payment. You will always need to specify the beneficiary when using Dapi's API.

When using Transfer Auto Flow:

  • ✅ Beneficiaries are automatically added and managed
  • ✅ You have the option to set default beneficiaries on Dapi Dashboard. This is a great option if your payments are always received by the same beneficiaries that you know ahead of time.

Beneficiairy Cool Down

Some banks do not allow immediate transfers to a newly added beneficiary. Beneficiary Cooldown time shows how long the user needs to wait before they can make a transfer to a newly added beneficiary.

You can get the potential cooldown value ahead of time by using the Get Account Metadata endpoint. The value varies bank to bank.

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