Payment API

Payments API endpoints provide all the functionality required for you to perform financial operations on your users behalf.

The API provides functionality to:

  • Initiate payments
  • Manage user beneficiaries

Payment Processing

API provides two endpoints to process a transaction:

  • Create Transfer
  • Transfer Auto Flow

If you use Create Transfer endpoint you have to implement custom bank processing logic and validations on your end. You will require use of following endpoints to process a transaction:

  • Get Metadata
  • Create Beneficiary
  • Get Beneficiaries

Meanwhile Transfer Auto Flow endpoint abstracts all these requirements. There is no need to implement custom bank processing logic or validations when using this endpoint. Dapi recommends use Transfer Auto Flow to initiate a payment.




Beneficiaries are not required when performing a transaction using Auto Flow endpoint. They are only needed if transaction is processed through Create Transfer endpoint

Beneficiary can be considered similar to a contact registered on user's account to whom user can send a transaction. They are required by some of the banks to perform a payment. In other words, if recipient of the amount is not registered as a beneficiary for the user, bank will not allow the transaction to go through.

API provides two endpoints to work with beneficiaries allowing you to:

  • Create new beneficiary on users behalf
  • Get list of users beneficiaries



Some of the banks have a cool-down period for beneficiary. The maximum cool-down period can be 24 hours. This means that once you register a beneficiary for the user, you will not be able to transfer the amount to newly registered beneficiary until the cool-down period is passed.

You can find more about cool-down period and other bank data available through API on Metadata Documentation

All the endpoints of Dapi Payments API requires users accessToken to be specified in the Authorization header.

How To Make A Payment

Below you can find process of hot to initiate a payment transaction using create transfer endpoint.



Below process describes transaction initiation using Create Transfer endpoint. We suggest use of Auto Flow endpoint that abstracts the whole process.


Payment Initiation Process