Using Postman to Test the APIs

The Postman Collection already includes all the Data and Payment API endpoints with a correct set-up.

Before you can start calling all the endpoints, you must first set up the Connect Layer. You can use the sandbox environment and log in with a created sanbox user. You can also use the production environment option and log in with real bank credentials. (This is possible only if you have been given access to production)

  1. After successful login in the Connect Layer, we are interested in the response values. If you use the default set-up in QuickStart, the response values should also be displayed in the console. Copy the following values to your Postman environment:
  • Copy accessCode from Connect Layer and paste to Current Value field of access_code
  • Copy connectionID from Connect Layer and paste to Current Value field of connection_id
  • Copy userSecret from Connect Layer and paste to Current Value field of user_secret
  1. Send the exchangeToken request on Postman. If successful, the access_token value will be automatically updated in your environment variables.

You are ready to test the Data and Payment APIs!


Pay attention to required fields!

For example, Account Balance or Account Transactions endpoints require account_id in the request body. Hence, you would first need to call the Accounts endpoint -> choose the desired account and copy its id -> set the id as the Current Value for account_id in the environment.


Sandbox user restrictions

Since all banks listed in the sandbox are simulations, all endpoints can only be used on sandbox users. You cannot send money or interact with real users using the sandbox environment.

This means that during a transfer, the beneficiary should also be a sandbox user.


Changing user

If you want to change the user, simply repeat the steps 1 & 2 with a new user.