Connect Layer - Quickstart

Connect Layer provides a client-side functionality that allows you to authenticate user with their bank and retrieve accessCode required to obtain user's permanent token.

Basic Setup

Connect Layer does not have any standalone files that need to be downloaded or installed, instead you simply need to include a short piece of regular JavaScript in your HTML that will load the Connect into your pages.

The following snippet of code will initialize basic version of the connect layer for the Sandbox environment and load authentication page for the user:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=1080px, initial-scale=1.0">
  <script src=""></script>
    var handler = Dapi.create({
      environment: Dapi.environments.sandbox, //either .sandbox or .production
      appKey: 'your-app-key', //appKey you created on Dapi Dashboard
      countries: ['AE'], //Alpha-2 format for country codes
      isExperimental: false, //Recommended to keep this false, gives access to banks that are experimental / in beta
      onSuccess: (d) => console.log(d), //Capture the success
      onFailure: (e) => console.log(e), // Capture a failure
      onReady: (r) => {
        console.log("Ready!"), //open the widget

If authentication is completed successfully you will receive following parameters in the response:

successBooleanStatus of the authentication request
accessCodeStringSingle use, temporary access code that should be exchanged for user token
connectionIDStringConnection identifier.

Is needed to obtain Access Token.
userSecretStringEncrypted secret of the user.

Is needed in majority of API requests
userIDStringID of the user.

Is not needed in further API requests
tokenIDStringToken identifier.

Is not needed in further API requests

Example of successful response:

    "connectionID": "05322415-6d28-4271-9764-72576b0c90a1",
    "operationID": "BOMLAEAD:b6bb89e8-347b-4a99-859b-bc01d721b5d9",
    "status": "done",
    "success": true,
    "tokenID": "d9a9d414-ee85-40da-95c3-dbf4c7283dbe",
    "userID": "fKlQCakNOXWRRbOGf0jCCHP/qArJP5VLH523+MbnfN+pDicRTPTT34ItzK7j1kunpte9njoDOhj/1v5723hM4g==",
    "userSecret": "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"

You will require accessCode and connectionID when calling Exchange Token in order to obtain a permanent accessToken for the user. Or you will require the same values when calling an exchange token function in any of the Server Side Libraries .

userSecret value will be required as a parameter in all of the following Data and Payment API calls.

Complete set-up example

The Connect Layer cannot be directly opened as an HTML file from your computer's file system.

Instead, the HTML file needs to be served. Below is an example of how to do it using Node.js when wanting to test the Connect Layer locally.

var express = require('express')
var cors = require('cors')
var path = require('path')

const app = express();
const port = 8000; // default port to listen


app.get("/", (req, res) => {

  res.sendFile(path.resolve('./main.html')); //the path you need to take from this file to your html file that includes the connect layer handler


app.listen(port, () => {
  console.log(`server started at http://localhost:${port}`);