Get Started with an SDK

The easiest way to integrate with Dapi and start accepting payments is through our SDKs. Using an SDK has many advantages:

:white-check-mark: The SDKs offer a level of abstraction and take care of the overhead of setting up an API call with the correct request body and headers. All you need to do is call a function and pass in the required arguments.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs have built-in logic to handle more complex situations like asking for an OTP from the user during a transfer. When using direct API calls you would be responsible for implementing the logic on your own.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs have a built-in feature of being able to queue your API calls.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs support caching.
:white-check-mark: Some SDKs provide you with optional front-end features, allowing you to have a quicker integration.
:white-check-mark: The required Connect Layer for login is already set up within the SDK. You will not need to set it up separately.
:white-check-mark: The SDKs automatically handle retrieving user's permanent accessToken upon successful login.

We offer the following SDKs:


Sandbox To-Do

If you want to test your integration in our sandbox environment, make sure to also follow the instructions for Get Started with Sandbox