Creating and Modifying Sandbox Data

The Postman Collection already includes all the endpoints for creating dummy data in sandbox. All you need to do is send the requests.

Before starting to create or modify sandbox data, use the Dashboard Login endpoint. Make sure you have specified your Dashboard login email and password in the environment variables. Your dashboard_access_token will be automatically updated in the environment when the Dashboard Login is successful.

Now you are ready to use all the remaining sandbox endpoints!

For example when using Create Sandbox User, you can see the request body:


Create Sandbox User request body

In order to create a user, you need all the 4 necessary variables to be filled out in your environment:

  • app_key should be filled out already from the set-up stage
  • username desired for the new user
  • password desired for the new user
  • bank_id from Sandbox Bank IDs

Example of filled in values for a new Sandbox User

Click send and if the response is successful you have created a new sandbox user.