Configure BundleID

BundleID or Bundle Identifier is unique identifier of your application. No two applications can have the same bundle identifier.

For example:

  • In Android ecosystem, it is called Package.
  • In Apple ecosystem, it has the same name. It is called BundleID.

Example of BundleID name would be:

In order to use Dapi SDK, you must first specify your applications Bundle ID in the Dashboard.



You must specify all the Bundle ID's that you will use. Meaning if you have Android, Apple and Web SDK's you must register 3 Bundle ID's in the Dashboard before being able to use the SDK.

Specifying Bundle ID

  1. Select your new application from the Dashboard
Application Selection ScreenApplication Selection Screen

Application Selection Screen

  1. Scroll down to Bundle IDs section. Specify the bundle ID you want to add in Enter URL input field and click add button



Remember to add all your Bundle ID's that will be using the Dapi SDK one by one.

All the Bundle ID's you added will be shown in the list below Enter URL field.