Dapi V2 Change Log

Job Has Been Renamed To Operation

Jobs have been renamed to operations in V2. This means that:

Update To userInputs Object

userInputs object has been updated. From V2 it will have additionally following parameters in the response:

  • index - Is used in case more than one user input is requested. Will always be 0 If only one input is requested.
  • answer - Is always empty in the response. It must be populated with the input user enters

Example of updated userInputs object:

"userInputs": [
      "answer": "",
      "id": "otp",
      "index": 0,
      "query": "Please enter a Smart Pass Token from your ENBD mobile application"

Job Resume Endpoint Has Been Depreciated

API no longer supports Job Resume endpoint which was used to provide user inputs.

Now instead of Job Resume endpoint, all the user input must be provided to the same endpoint, which requested user verification. In other words, if user input is requested during Get Balance request, user input must be sent to Get Balance endpoint.

Successful specification of user input will return result of the initial operation. In other words, once user input is submitted for Get Balance endpoint, API will return Get Balance response.

New Optimized Endpoint To Initiate Transfer: AutoFlow

New endpoint has been added to initiate a transaction:

It is identical to Create Transfer endpoint, but it abstracts all the custom validations and business logic requested by the banks. In other words, when using the newly added endpoint, you no longer have to manage beneficiaries, cool-down periods and other custom validations required when performing transaction

Removal of sync Parameter From The Requests

Optional parameter sync has been removed from all the requests. Now API always automatically sends callbacks to your address.

Login Check Endpoint Has Been Depreciated

Login Check endpoint ( has been depreciated and is no longer supported from V2.